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Bumper Protection Mat

TransK9 Bumper Protection Mat
TransK9 Bumper Protection Mat - Elasticated fixing straps
TransK9 Bumper Protection Mat, Protecting painted bumpers & gives confidence to the dog when entering the vehicle.
TransK9 - Bumper Protection Mat - Conveniently hooks onto the cage door when not in use

Just took delivery my new box, third one now and they just keep getting better and better. Rob and Sharon couldn't be more helpful. Big Thankyou.


Bumper Protection Mat

Designed to protect both painted bumpers and the vehicles interior. Made from 3mm anti-slip rubber, it will give extra grip and confidence to your dog when jumping in and out of the vehicle. When not in use it can be hooked onto the front of your dog transit box/dog cage. The universal design means it can be used with all types of dog cages, and its anti-slip qualities will help to stabilise your box or cage when in motion.

Comes with a 12 Months warranty, Mat/Straps.

Size 1200mm L x 1000mm W x 3mm D


The same trusted quality as our secure dog transit cages

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Bumper Protection Mat
£45.00 inc. VAT
£45.00 inc. VAT

Excellent service, quality product. My dog’s are part of my family and therefore I want to protect them whist in my car. The Trans-K9 crates do exactly that. My husband has one in his car too, so having experienced his I didn’t consider any others!

Linda Whittaker

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