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Evolving design. Always leading the way…

We are progressive and forward thinking and over the years we have continually enhanced and improved our designs – remaining the clear market leader for dog safety cages.

“Our designs will continue to change because we listen to our customers.”
Robert Marshall, TransK9

In the beginning our original design remit was to manufacture a range of dog transit cages that were not only safe and functional for dogs and humans alike, but also practical, maintenance free and expertly engineered.

In 2002, after many months designing and testing prototypes, we went into production – and the rest, as they say, is history!

Why restrain your dog?

With our ever growing population the roads have become far busier and with that potentially more dangerous. Car safety has improved greatly over the years, one of the most obvious safety features was the introduction of seat belts – designed to restrain and minimise passenger movement during an impact and therefore reduce injury; why wouldn’t you do the same for your dog?

An unrestrained dog propelled forward during a 30mph accident can exert a force up to 20 times its own body weight. Taking an average Labrador retriever at 60lbs/27kg in such an impact it would be travelling with a force of 1200lbs/544kg! The consequences for the dog and passengers are unthinkable.

Protection for your vehicle too

Unlike a conventional mesh dog cage or bars the partial solid sides and rear sections will give your dog more protection in the event of any impact as legs and feet are contained. It will also protect your vehicle interior from wet and muddy paws; the cages are easily cleaned and help to stop that “damp dog” odour from getting into your car’s upholstery. Dogs travel happily when they are secure in the rear of your car; this is safer for them and also for you and your passengers. Although of course we can’t guarantee it, customer testimonials tell us that a TransK9 Dog Transit Cage will help if your dog suffers from travel sickness or is a noisy traveller

Why do we use Aluminium?

We use aluminium for its strength, its flexibility and because it lasts a very, very long time – that’s why the aviation industry and motor manufacturers such as Land Rover and Audi use aluminium too. It’s also extremely good at absorbing and displacing energy from the result of an impact!

Product & crash testing

We have exhaustively tried and tested our products over the years in a whole range of worst case scenarios but sought confirmation of this by having fully independent crash testing undertaken. We are extremely pleased with the results, but not surprised – we have achieved our goal of safe, secure transportation for both dogs and passengers alike. In summary, a TransK9 Safety Cell!

Want to know more about our crash testing?