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M25 Crash – A close call for Mitch & owner Hayley

Hello TransK9

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Today, the unthinkable happened, I was rear ended on the M25 by a van going 70mph.

Me and my spaniel Mitch was on our way back from work (on a school farm) and the lanes were slowing down and filtering off to the slip lane.

I heard the sound of a horn and a screech, I held my breath. I thought, ‘this is it’ and I hoped we’d go quickly with no suffering. To my amazement, I crawled out with merely a scrape and my dog not even a scratch. The crate took the impact.

The police, paramedics and highways England commended the crate. My dog would have not survived without it.

We did have to use the rear escape door. There was no way the boot was opening. The integrity of the rear door has not been affected at all and I was able to get him out through that. The police said that not only did the crate save my dog’s life, it took a lot of the impact which prevented further damage to myself.

I just wanted to say, thank you. Your product saved my dogs life and I will not hesitate in a heartbeat to buy another for my next car.

Best wishes,

Hayley (and Mitch)